About us

All about Zombiiemummy

We are a blog that focuses on Daily life, Children's Fashion, reviews and an upcoming series project focusing on aspects of parenthood not always talked about, or shared enough.
We do not believe in *gender roles, we love to be Eco friendly, being outdoors,cooking/baking.

We are not a mummy blog, however we talk and post about subjects that could be considered so, I like to think the content will do the talking..

Hannah- The writer of the blog, A **non-binary mama to A & Z, with a passion for children's fashion.

A- A passionate 5 yo who loves to gently educate others (be they adult or child) about ending gender roles, A loves transport and road signs with a creative eye for Lego building too.

Z- A bouncy, funny 1 yo who loves cars like her brother, gets into mischief and loves her food.

Dean- A husband and father as two of his main titles, he loves the outdoors, giving the children piggy back rides and growing his beard.

* Gender roles- A range of behaviours that society deems acceptable or desirable for the binary genders of male or female.

** Non-Binary- Gender identity which doesn't fit in the the typical binary of Male or female...
As Non-Binary Hannah feels they are more  Demigender/ Genderqueer, which means they have a weak or partial connection to a gender identity, Hannah Is slowly moving towards feeling more Genderqueer, which means a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither or both or a combination of male and female genders.
Hannah also prefers neutral pronouns such as They or them, instead of her and she.

We do not have advertising or affiliate links on our blog.
We believe in truthful, honest and in depth writing.
Please get in contact for information on how you can work with us.