New beginnings & growing my own..again

With every room in our new home needing some decorating and attention, I'm also trying to focus on the garden, spreading myself thinly throughout the house & gardens (yep the front garden too!) isnt recommended by so many relatives, but to me it makes sense.

Last year I had so much fun growing my own vegetables, it was such a learning curve too, so this year im putting what I have learnt into practice, by companion planting I hope to keep nasty veggie eating bugs away and in turn successfully grow vegetables for us to eat, I'm starting small with this one veg trug to get used to being successful first.

I'm looking forward to getting the children involved as well, A is largely a vegetarian, so my food bill tends to be on the expensive side, I hope I can really make a success of this and increase my growing potential each year, being self sufficient in vegetables isn't a practical idea as of yet, but as my experience grows I hope it will be more of a reality one day.

This year I cheated a little, I brought some lettuce, cabbage, tomato and carrot plants, but alongside that i'm growing from seeds radish, garlic chives and spring onions.

Spring onions I had real success with last year and saw visible progress, not to mention they tasted amazing.

I also plan to tub grow potatoes, as well as the usual strawberry plants, the previous owner left quite a few strawberry plants so ive gained quite a few by accident, I'll be tub growing those also as they need very little attention, and when looked after produce tasty strawberries too.

As for the rest of the house it's coming together, the living room has a little progress, late June/early July we'll have a brand new kitchen too, and we'll be starting the bedrooms as soon as the living room is complete, a new bathroom is the last on the list. 

We all love our new house, and has been good for us in so many ways, not to mention all the exercise I get on the school run.

For the first time in 6 years I'm excited for summertime instead of dreading it.