Why I buy children's clothes years ahead//

When I was pregnant with A, and I was just into my second trimester, I had already brought all the clothes he'd need for his first year earth side, at the time Dean thought it was a waste of time and money, but as our little baby grew and by 2 weeks already in 0-3 month clothing, he quickly realised that It was a great idea, and so I've done it ever since, including with Z too.

  1. It saves money- sales are a fantastic way to save money, especially when some sales can get a little mish mashed sizing wise, believe me they are in that size 5 jumper before you know it!.
  2. stylish clothing to hand- so if your like me and you love the independent brands, they can get pricey, especially when you need multiple items for one or more children, be on the lookout for their end of season sales and get ready to pounce quick!.
  3. Instagram - there are some great secondhand insta kids clothes accounts out there!, all you have to do is look, I've brought a few pieces that are secondhand but worn once or even new with tags!.
  4. skipping the queues- it can all add up and those long lines at the tills are avoided too!.

To me it makes sense, I have clothes to hand, and when I see something I know the children will like i'll buy it.

Do you buy like me? or do you buy as you need?, I'm so interested in hearing your thoughts