New Changes//


If you are not on my instagram or twitter (why not?!) you'll know or not that I've been talking about rolling out changes for sometime..the truth is I've been scared to, I've been scared to discuss this as it's not talked about enough and theres certainly no information about such things in schools and growing up, at least this is relevant for me anyway, but Today (4/03/18) I decided that I shouldn't hide this part of me anymore, that pretending and only writing in a style that society deems worthy is and has been harmful to me for some time, in fact as long as I can remember.

So..whats going on?

I am Non-binary, what is non-binary? well if you haven't read the about us I shall break it down.

The binary is typically Male or female gender identities, I am outside that gender identity, I am Demigender genderqueer which falls under the umbrella term of non-binary, (non-binary meaning outside the gender binary) 
Demigender basically means I have but the barest association with the assigned at birth gender, whilst Genderqueer means someone who does not follow the conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both or a combination of male & female genders, I am moving more towards feeling Genderqueer, I am in no rush to be either or, this takes time, It's taken me years and years to get to this point, for the first time ever I am happy with myself, I accept who and what I am.

So why all this time?

A great question, I've always known I was, but growing up I had no access to such information, I was led to believe (by society) and feel I was wrong, or weird, for a while I believed I was binary trans, however I do not wish to become another gender, at the end of 2017 I finally found names for how I felt, and found that there was others in the world who felt similar to me (not forgetting not the same as me as we are all different) It was such a sense of relief and shock, but more so happiness, finally since as young as I can remember (4 years old approx) It was ok, I was ok.

The first person I told was Dean, who has been amazing, we constantly talk about pronouns and other things on our minds and hes just the greatest.

The children, more so A knows a very condensed 5 yo friendly version of who I am, and I believe I can provide the necessary information for my own children should they question their identities in the future. 

I am still Hannah, I am still a mother, I am still the same person, I tell silly dad jokes, love shopping, friendly..sometimes too friendly, but now I can be myself, my entire self, If you are reading this and we are related, or you are on my personal facebook I ask you to not talk about this like its on the cover of a newspaper or gossip magazine, there are parts of my family I am very unsure of discussing this with so please respect me by not sharing this in this way.

I will be from now on moving forward with Zombiiemummy being my entire self, not a condensed user friendly version, its all or nothing now, I will still be writing similar topics like before, but just to re-iterate Zombiiemummy is no longer or associated with being a mummy blog, for more information please go to the about us section for more information on what topics we're writing about now.

I am open for questions If you have any.