Being the Mama I wanted to be//

Since coming out (still not to absolutely everyone but I'm getting there) theres no reason to keep up the facade of hiding absolutely everything, including what I felt my clothing style should be, my clothing style is now where I want to be, and I'm having fun experimenting, the perk (amongst a lot of perks i may add) of being a mama is the honesty of trying on new clothes, and ones you'd be too afraid to previously, often the honesty is brutal, to the point and sharp but that is how I want it to be, at least with clothing.

I feel in the months that I've been privately out to my husband and children, and the days publicly, I feel as though I've been the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life, and whilst my children and husband bring me happiness, Its a type of happiness deep inside me that I can't quite bring to words in enough detail, Before I was waging a war with myself which is the closest I can come to an explanation, I hated who I was, how I dressed, I dressed to hide my inner shame of who I felt I had to be.

Obviously now that's changed, right now I wouldn't say I have a particular style as such, i'm still trying out new things.

the shirt on the left is by Monki, jeans by new look.
right is pleated type trousers by Monki and a plum t-shirt by New look, which I've tucked in.

I'm excited for spring and summer, instead of dreading it, and for the first time in my life that's huge.

Right now I'm also reading up a lot on the history of LGBTQ+ I feel ive missed out on vital information growing up, so I feel the responsibility to know as much as possible, not only to be informed but I feel it'll improve my feminism knowledge also.

A & Z have the Mama they need, a Mama with inner peace, not that they didn't have a mama before, but hopefully this makes sense when I say I have an inner peace about myself, that I'm more happier, excited about life and confident.

I'm also painting again, I take photos of myself and paint a copy, so far I've done three and although I might not photograph them or hang them, the fact I even did it is huge also.

I'm excited to bring so much more potential to this blog than ever before!.