Sunshine, moving house and mindset// An update

It's still so cold, the sunshine is deceiving, but we still scurry about to and fro school run, the shops; rinse and repeat.

Our big house move is nearing completion, theres an sense of urgency in my mind, for me it's taking so long, for A he keeps changing his mind between being ok with the upheaval to not and finding the whole process unfair and scary.

I was told that I need to slow down, make more time for me, go outside in nature, but in all honesty I feel my life is on hold until the moment we sit down in our new house, until all our things are contained inside new walls, awaiting new memories.

I'm planning a big change to the blog, it'll be even more honest, open and full of content, more so than it has in a while in fact, I'm looking forward to the change in blog direction, I'm looking forward to being more candid and honest and the new direction will be a true reflection on where I am in my life, where my family is and less about fitting into a specific mold in blogging, I personally feel the mummy blog scene is so saturated that I honestly dont wish to add to it anymore, that I've been feeling this way for a little while, however instead have a new take on it.

The blog will still have similar content to what It's always had, without giving too much away please dont be worried, be excited! I know I am, I'll be rolling out these changes once our house move is over and we're in our new home.

I hope you'll stick around with Zombiiemummy a little longer to enjoy the changes it'll bring.