Zara Kids// Little Haul

It's the time again when I need to get some more clothes for the children, I buy only what they need, A is outgrowing clothes so I find myself curating his clothes more now that he's in school, his clothes dont need to necessarily be in bulk, but instead of a quality like I purchased before.

Z's growing is steady for her age, but I still need to consistently update pieces and add to them.

So here's a little Zara kids haul, All pieces I picked up in their sale at lower prices, I only found one piece for A though, and I will be doing a bigger haul post for his clothes later on.

Geometric long sleeve t-shirt
Buttoned Jumpsuit with gathered detail
long sleeve t-shirt with broderie anglaise pocket
Striped ribbed long sleeve high neck detail t-shirt
"Eco Mode on" long sleeve t-shirt.

The Long sleeve with the broderie anglaise (in pink) is just a lovely sweet little long sleeve I had tp purchase for Z, I try to buy all the colours of the rainbow for both children, I often get accused of dressing Z up as a boy, gender and clothes is a hot and sensitive topic for me so I often ignore others opinions and do what I like (which is nothing new), again I purchased in a size 18-24 months.

I love this Geometric patterned long sleeve for Z, the bold colours and the word "joie" on the front just gives it such a fun look to it, and something I would put A or Z in actually. 
I purchased this in size 18-24 months, so I know we'll get plenty of use out of it.


Z doesn't have an awful lot of stripes in her wardrobe, in fact I don't recall any.. so I thought i'd go for a twist on a classic long sleeve black & white top, and go for this high neck with frill detail and red triangle embroidered detailing, I have a real thing for embroidery right now, it's simple but would look nice dressed up or down. I purchased this in a size 18-24 months again.

I loved the shade of red on this buttoned jumpsuit, and had to have it for Z, although she wont be in it for a while (it's a size 2-3 years) Its just one of those staple pieces I had to have on stand-by for her, and it's not too thick either, so you could wear it autumn, winter (with a chunky cardigan) and probably into spring also, it's simply divine in my opinion!.

Finally the only piece I managed to get for A was this Long sleeve "Eco Mode on" navy top, in 6 years, A is a very tall child, and I find the length of sleeves and legs in trousers difficult, so I'm hoping a size 6 will be enough for now.

That's all for the haul, what was your favourite piece?.