Review// Klear-Vol inhalation oils for children

Colds and bugs season is still very much around, and arming yourselves with things that will help is going to help your little ones feel a lot better, so they're back to being their usual selves.

We were sent Klear-Vol, inhalation oils with natural pine, thymol and menthol, which is suitable for ages 3 months and above, for both day and night to review.

Klear-vol is encapsulated in soft gelatin capsules, which you apply to the hanky.

How to use: 
Carefully cut the top of a capsule with scissors
Being careful it is away from your face pour the contents into the hanky (or tissue) 
Make sure it's well out of reach of your little one.

I found the instructions very easy to follow, at first I expected not much of a scent from it as I did think the capsules were a little small, but actually I was very wrong! the menthol wasn't overpowering, didn't bother Z at all and really helped with her sleep, which as many parents know can be tricky with little ones with stuffy noses.

The menthol lasted well over 12 hours (Z's bedtime is 7:30pm, she awoke at 6am) we noticed even during the morning rush/school run routine that the menthol scent was still the same as it was at 7:30pm, we used the Klear-vol for an entire week and were very impressed, it was so much easier to use, we can take it away with us should we need to and feel confident that Z will still get a good nights sleep even with a stuffy nose.

Klear-Vol is available now from Boots. independent health food stores and pharmacies and For more information visit:

Zombiiemummy was sent the items pictured for the purpose of an honest review, all thoughts contained are our own.