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Family life for us right now is hectic, theres a house move, sleep issues, school runs and family gatherings to name but a few, but every now and then you have to stand perfectly still and let the children take the lead.

We gave Z and A free rein of an entire day (a Saturday) from what we wear, what they wear, to what they eat and what we do activity wise.

here's a little summary of what we got up to..

A and Z picked our clothes, they also picked their own, however their choices for us were not really funny or outrageous, I think they know our styles too well, but I love how colourful and slightly clashy their outfits are, sure it made me cringe at first, but I think thats the control part, I'm the one who buys their clothes and dresses them and it was strange for me to relinquish my responsibility for an entire day.

So first we went to the supermarket, we brought biscuit ingredients (A's choice of course, with a dash of exciting squeals from Z

I even said yes to some (not all) of their shelf picking requests, Jelly...sprinkles...you get the idea.

Next we made biscuits with sprinkles and chocolate pieces, possibly the most sugary, unhealthy biscuit you'll ever put in your mouth but it was the togetherness that mattered, a simple activity that they chose (Z liked putting her fingers in the mixing bowl).

Lastly we took to the road for a lovely woodland walk altogether, it was so peaceful and lovely to be together.

The pattern I noticed was they wanted our Presence, not presents, not things, not toys; us to be there. 
I'll definitely be implementing social media free days, I also really enjoyed the surprise of what was coming next that day, opposed to me or Dean taking the lead.

Meet the HiPP Buddies!

HiPP have some new friends, the HiPP Buddies, They're a group of hard working furry friends who have one ultimate goal, which is to make the finest Organic pouches!.

We've been reading these sweet stories over on our instagram (@zombiiemummy), meeting Toby the Toucan, Max the Monkey,Freddie the Frog and Chloe the Chameleon to name a few.

We read all about how the buddies pick the fruit and vegetables, mashing them, stirring them and filling the pouches.

Dean and Z loved the books, we've read them many times, including at bedtime with A too.

Z's favourite HiPP buddy is Max the monkey, hearing her trying to make monkey sounds is very funny.

We were given an exclusive look at  HiPP Organics light, re-sealable and unbreakable pouches, which we think are just fantastic for at home and on the go too..find out our thoughts on the new look sweet and savoury pouches!.

With 100% fruit in the fruity pouches they're such a great way for our little ones to enjoy up to 2 of their 5 a day!

We love the look of the packaging and think the HiPP Buddies are lovely!..so what about the look and taste?

Firstly we started with the  Apple,Cherry & Banana Breakfast and Fruity Porridge

Usually Z will have some toast and some fruit and we'll alternate to porridge also to try to keep breakfasts interesting and not boring.

Z was not bored of the breakfast pouches at all, they were easy to warm up and Z finished the bowls (both consumed on different mornings) with no trouble at all.

The look of them was visually appealing and they smelt great too!.

For a Snack we tried the Apple,Blueberry & Banana muesli with yogurt.

Z really enjoyed this, she hasn't really experienced Muesli before so I expected her to dislike it, but although she didn't finish it, she did enjoy it and I would purchase for home and away too for sure.

For Lunch Z tried the Sweet Potato, Cauliflower & sweetcorn bake, we liked the small lumps which encourages her to chew, Z really liked the texture and the taste and finished it with no problems.

For Dinner Z tried the Squash & Chicken Pasta bake, as you can see from the photo of her cheeky grin, this was her favourite, the larger lumps really were enjoyable for her and exactly the right size lumps too.

For another dinner it was Vegetable & Chicken risotto with peas, with a lumpy texture and lovely taste Z was definitely a fan of the risotto.

We ate out the next dinner which was very easy and enjoyable to feed her, so Z tried the Mediterranean vegetable spaghetti, which was another big hit!, there was nothing left!.

Lastly was the Creamy vegetable and fish pie, Z loves fish, and it's hardly surprising,but she loved this mealtime too, it was creamy, with small lumps and was the perfect amount. 

Out of all of the new Fruit and vegetable savoury pouches her favourites were Apple,Cherry & Banana Breakfast and Fruity PorridgeSweet Potato, Cauliflower & sweetcorn bake and Mediterranean vegetable spaghetti 

We found that offering more vegetables than fruit during the weaning process helps move little ones away from a sweeter preference, and I really like that HiPP Organic get that too, which is why HiPP Organics recipes taste savoury. 

You can discover HiPP Organics full tasty range (yes I do enjoy them too) of over 30 pouches https://www.hipp.co.uk/food-drinks/pouches/

And dont forget the special money off HiPP Organic yummy baby foods, click here to download and print off the coupon :). 

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