The Natural Mama Company// Luxury Gifts for all Mamas

Over on Instagram I won a giveaway, It was honestly like christmas had come early for me, and I was so excited.
So what is inside this box?, I hear you say?.

Ethically sourced gifts for mamas who are breastfeeding or pregnant (or like me, you just wanted a box of treats for yourself because you work hard at being an awesome mama).

As I won a giveaway, I got to choose my own contents, and of course this isnt a proper review, no obligations, just as I won, I felt the need to share this awesome small business, because as we know, small businesses will always have the priority on the blog.

I chose a Bespoke box, which means you can create your own box of contents.

inside mine was:
Evolve Beauty Nourishing Hair Elixir
Nathalie Bond Organics Lemongrass Candle 60ml
Evolve Beauty Lip Treat
Chilly’s Bottle 260ml

Every item I have used multiple times, theres nothing inside the box that I haven't used or dislike.

The hair elixir has a dropper to it so I can put some in my hands and work it into my hair, I'm really bad at self care and I have to say It has slotted into my hair washing routine no problem, my hair is lovely as a result and the best part is its 100% natural, so I know whats going into my hair, always.

The candle smalls gorgeous, and is lovely and calming when your in the bath (on your own for a change instead of crammed in with the kids). 

The lip treat feels lovely when applied and really has helped with this bitterly cold weather.

The Chilly's bottle is hands down the best water bottle ever, and my kitchen cupboard is crammed full believe me!, I use it wherever I go, very handy for breastfeeding or just upping your water intake, it keeps cold for 24hrs so even in the summer it's your friend.

The Natural Mama company also feature 6 boxes with different items in depending on what your looking for, these are the BEST gifts you could ever get a new parent and I highly recommend to you all.

If we decide to have more children The Natural Mama Company will be my first stop!.

Zombiiemummy wasn't compensated in anyway for this post, Zombiiemummy won a giveaway and decided to do this post.