SOLD// A new start

In autumn/winter 2017 we put our house up for sale, we felt it was time, amongst other things, it took 2 months but its officially sold!.

Our new house is just wonderful, exactly what we were looking for, and now it's the expensive and tricky paper signing part, I've never signed,read and spoken to so many people ever before, It feels a longer process the second time around, especially with two children, and believe me when I say I realise how lucky we are, to be in our generation who own a house, are married also.

It's now coming down to crunch time when theres more going out than in, that planning is taking up my spare time, and the worries that come with moving, I guess we're in some form of exciting limbo regarding a moving out date currently, but the fact that 2018 will be such a great new chapter in our lives is such a blessing.

I've learnt so much about myself this year, that I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve too often, and that I need to toughen that part of myself up, admitting to myself who I truly am was also such a revelation, that my future really does look amazing and that i'm so lucky to have what I have. 

2018 will bring me new found self confidence and love for myself first and foremost, the rest i'll take as it comes.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?