Bluestone Wales//

There's just something wonderful about exploring the outdoors with your family, having adventures and getting away from it all.

We want to share with you our wintery adventure at Bluestone wales.

As soon as you walk through the door, (with a very handy card key, no fiddly keys to worry about!) you have a hall/porch area for muddy or wet clothing and shoes, we then walked into the kitchen area, straight away we noticed the space, but it still felt cosy and warm. 

Bluestone has its own Eco energy, throughout the entire cabin was warm and cosy and we didn't feel cold once!.

The children settled in straight away, Dean and I were put at ease instantly when we saw the Stairgates around the cabin (on the bottom and top of the stairs).

Both were fitted extremely well, and we both were very pleased this comes standard in every cabin.

The bedrooms were very spacious, especially the master bedroom with en suite, we didn't once feel cramped or had to negotiate around one another the entire time we were at the cabin.

The bathrooms were spotlessly clean and bright too, top photos are the downstairs bathroom, below is the en suite in the master bedroom.

Bath times were as always lots of fun too!.

We were all eager to participate in the activities Bluestone have to offer on site, the handy activity planner you get when at check in is very handy, but you can also plan in advance, by booking activities online when you get booking confirmation in your email.

The first activity we took part in was Baby Sensory, together Z and I had a lot of fun, and Z even joined in too, at 13 months old she was one of the oldest babies, but that didn't stop us having such a great time.

It was such a well organised activity and a friendly atmosphere, all the toys and equipment was very clean and the room was very inviting for the young ones (and the parents too).

The activity we were most excited about was ELFTOPIA.

First we had line up with our special Elftopia passports,I loved how you could choose between an elf outfit for the children, a elf plush toy or a special bib for babies. 
A isn't comfortable with dressing up, so instead he chose the Elf toy, and as Z was so little we chose a lovely bib, which we'll also be using for christmas day.

We have blurred out others faces, because we did not ask permission, and we believe pictures of others should have permission first, we have done our utmost to keep the quality of these pictures whilst still keeping others faces private.

First we had to go through the metal detectors and get our passport stamped!.

Of course the metal detector was a bit of fun, and we got into the plane and started our journey!.

we made reindeer food!.

We had so much fun in Elftopia, all the characters were so enthusiastic, happy and made the experience wonderful for the children.

Z and A had lots of fun and so did we, it wasn't stressful or frantic or rushed, it was such a lovely activity and something we highly recommend to all parents.

Our first meal was in the Oak tree, and we had fantastic food, everything was delicious and cooked beautifully,there was no really long wait and it had a wonderful atmosphere.

We even asked if something could be written on A's pudding as it was his birthday, and they did,it seemed to be no problem at all and they made it so special with a little candle too, A thoroughly enjoyed his meal and so did we.

We ate inside Bluestone for the entire time we were away, and we were not disappointed.

From the on site chippy, to the take away pizzas from the oak tree restaurant (and Salad brought from the on site shop) everything was delicious.

Exploring Bluestone was good fun, although there was rain and a little wind we did not let this spoil our time.

Walking around wasn't a problem for us, and although the buggys to hire were all unavailable it wasn't a problem, and we really liked the exercise too!, but we did take advantage of the little bus they had on site.

Another fun activity we really had fun at was wreath making, using willow, professionals A and I are not, but we had so much fun, and It hangs in our house even now.

Finding things outside and decorating them together was a wonderful bonding activity for A and I.

We packed so much into our stay at Bluestone Wales, from swimming (which had the best pools and baby/toddler pool we've ever seen!), to the bookable activities, to Elftopia which just made our stay complete and so excited for christmas also, to finally the walks,the warm,cosy, clean cabin and the fantastic on site facilities, Bluestone had everything, and I can't believe we hadn't been sooner!, We're so excited to book ourselves for 2018 when the weather is warmer to join in even more activities and fun!.

We highly recommend Bluestone Wales, stunning views, gorgeous walks, great food, great facilities, and staff always available to help made our stay at Bluestone Wales unforgettable.

zombiiemummy was given 4 nights at Bluestone Wales in exchange for a review, all photography and thoughts contained are my own.