Mini Baby haul//

I thought I would share a little baby haul of things that were needed, I like to keep on track on whats needed for both of the children, and I do not buy anything based on a whim, its purely for whats needed, as I like to consider myself a minimalist, structuring what I buy leads to less but more (if that makes sense, it does to me).

First I purchased a Gro bag, by the Gro Company, better than blankets and Z has got on well with them since she was old enough for one, I highly recommend.

Secondly I purchased a food flask, an insulated container so when we eat out as a family Z can have home cooked meals just like at home, I am looking forward to putting it to the test!.

third, is this gorgeous long sleeve top from Jo Jo maman bebe, I really like this top and It suits Z very well.

I'll soon be doing a christmas post on what's been purchased for the children.