A moment for jars// with HiPP Organic!

It's fair to say now that weaning for Z is going well, she has developed quite an appetite and has slipped into a good meal routine with the rest of us.

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Z and I  (not really me, it's all about ) received a lovely hamper of HiPP's new stage 2 and 3 savoury jars.

I was really intrigued to see how these new jars would fair in Z's mealtimes, read on to find out!.

From the first things I noticed was the new Jars have a wider opening, which really makes feeding easier as you can easily scoop out the contents with a dessert spoon with no difficulty at all.

Click photos to enlarge if needed.

The first was: Potatoes, tomatoes with chicken. 

Texture: I liked it had small lumps, to get Z used to a more lumpier texture.
Verdict: Z took to it straight away, loved the texture, and got on very well, she loved mouthful after mouthful, and it smelt very delicious too.

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Cheesy Spinach Tagliatelle 

Texture: slightly bigger lumps to the first, but felt very soft and chew able for little teeth.

Verdict: Z got on with the lumps well, it encouraged her to use her teeth to chew (they do get used to swallowing rather than moving their mouths I've found 2 kids later!) at first I worried the cheese would be a turn off for her, as I've yet to include it in Z's meals, but I actually discovered this particular Jar was a big favourite.

Click photos to enlarge if needed.

Wholemeal Spaghetti with Vegetables.

Texture: With the lumps of the spaghetti and vegetables I expected Z to be slower with this mealtime jar, but the lumps I still felt were of perfect size, all babies are different and progress at different rates, so this was my personal observation for Z as her mother.

Verdict: It was dads turn for dinner with this mealtime jar, this is what Dean told me..
Z loved the taste of the spaghetti with vegetables, in fact she told me off for being too slow!, the bowl was empty in no time and it's safe to say she thoroughly enjoying this jar.

Pasta bake with Fish.

Texture: Larger lumps, Z had no problems munching and enjoying this pasta bake.

Verdict: Z emptied the bowl of pasta bake in no time!, Z loved the taste, you just have to see her expressions on each to know that, this was a top favourite for Z for sure.

Mashed potato with beef.

Texture: a creamy thick, slightly lumpy texture to it.

Verdict: Dean told me she loved this in particular, definitely her number 1 favourite, and that he couldn't feed her it fast enough!. 

Risotto with Turkey and vegetables.

Texture: multiple small to medium lumps.

Verdict: Z enjoyed this meal, but left a little in the bowl afterwards, I liked the texture and so did Z, but I think it's safe to say one out of seven isn't bad at all, and remember every baby is different, so what Z may love, your baby(ies) may not, that's the beauty of HiPP Organic food, it's made with the finest organic ingredients, and the best part is they also have no hidden fruit.

Green Vegetables couscous and Turkey.

Texture: Thick with small lumps.

Verdict: Z's initial reaction was delayed, she wasn't sure at first, but did have another spoonful, and in no time it was all gone!.

So what was Z's favourite flavour?, Mashed Potato with beef!

I really like the design of the jars, the new wider opening and the labelling on the jars.
I really like that you can see what the food looks like, that it's not a mystery inside plastic.

Overall I highly rate these new flavours and HiPP Organics range as a whole, we've never been disappointed, and has always left Z satisfied. 

Something else cool about jars is how you can recycle them, but also reuse them and turn them into something new like a little gift!.

For this I needed my bigger helper A.

In true festive spirit, we'll be turning these HiPP Organic Jars into little christmas tea light holders.

you will need:
PVA glue
Assortment of HiPP Jars
Assorted tissue paper confetti dots (we used traditional christmas colours for ours.)

A stuck each piece onto the outside of the jar, decorating anyway he wished, each were different and that's the magic of a handmade gift I think.

When the glue had dried, I carefully put a thin layer of glue over the top of each tissue paper circle.

Once dried...

They look something like this.
We used battery tealights to demonstrate,but ordinary tea lights went inside too.

We've used the jars for other gifts too such as cacti containers and mini table favours for our wedding day. 

Not only are the Jars 100% recyclable but they can be reused to make sweet little gifts for others.

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so you all get to save some money- just in time for christmas too!

For more information on the new recipes and products from HiPP Organic and for the best
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