Halloween crafts with Marigold.

I must confess, I've never really been much into Halloween, or dressing up,or creating crafts for the children based on a theme like Halloween.

However this year I've really got into the creepy Halloween spirit, I want to decorate, I want to give the children the option to dress up, the whole thing!, so I had the opportunity to create two posts in one, crafts and cleaning up!, because who doesn't love a good post about crafts and cleaning up?.

If you've not seen our post about marigold previously you can refresh your memory here.

So the aim of this was the messier the better, for me it's not something that comes easily, but I'm excited to do more activities like this with the children.

First activity: Witches brew.
Age suitability: 6 months+ 

I wanted to do an activity for Z, so that she could get involved and have a messy Halloween inspired lot of fun.. so I grabbed a tired looking vest, an apron on for A, and off we went.

Like me A wasn't keen on using his fingers, but that is okay, because we're all about freedom of choice here at Zombiiemummy, so he chose a dessert spoon and had a great time!.

It soon got messy, and for a few minutes I thought "why did I do this, why did I think of this, I should have just done cakes.." but this was good, because it took me away from my comfort zone, things got messy, it got nearly everywhere in my living room, however, nothing was ruined, nothing had to be thrown away, and we three had a lovely time, just being together as mama and children.

After the children got bored.. about 40 minutes in, which for a 4 year old and 1 year old isnt bad at all, I got to work.

The sponge picked it all up straight away, I wet it slightly beforehand, and it was so quick and easy. I contemplated wrapping the mixture in cling film and saving it for the next day, but as we're in the midst of selling our home, it was an idea for the "when we're in our new home".

Cleaning the tray was very easy, warm/hot water and this beauty (cleaning me softly sponge) and it came straight off, and didn't scratch my tray either.

Last activity: Hand print bats.
Age suitability: (depends on child to child) 3+

This activity was just for A, he's recently got more creative, so I seized the chance.

A had a great time, and thought it odd that I was willingly letting him paint his hands with paint..

I intend to cut these out and hang them for Halloween! 

But the downstairs wc got a bit messy whilst the clean up began, did I worry my newly repainted bathroom was in danger? of course not.

Effortless, and made crafting all the more enjoyable because I was confident all could be removed.



Crafting and cleanup with Marigold has taught me that making messes with my children is ok, that I dont need to worry so much about being clean and spotless all the time, because as long as I use the great range that Marigold have, It'll be gone as quick as it was created.

I'm currently planning christmas activities now, I may even buy some glitter!.

Marigold sent Zombiiemummy products featured in this post for the purposes of this post, all opinions contained remain my own, all photography is my own, permission has to be granted to use photographs contained on this blog and individual posts.