Styled out Mama// An honest account of a mama who's lost her style..

I get my hair trimmed and looking nice every month, or every other month, it's not much, but for someone who no longer has the desire,want or need to do self care it's been a start. 

Today it occurred to me that the children have everything they need, and more. this worry they'll run out of clothes is now unfounded and the fear of it, a little out of hand if I'm honest.

So I purchased these four things from my local Boots, a small change to help me feel like I once did.

I'm now attending weekly swimming sessions for myself, so it's only fitting I do something nice for my hair and change my face up a little, by that I mean a little more colour.

My need to now focus a little on who I am as a person has been forcibly taken off hold and brought to the front of the line, or at least jumping up and down in the foreground shouting "ME, ME!"

Blush- to make my tired face a little more perkier.
Matte lipstick- to change things up a little.
Hair items- to help with my every growing battle of keeping the frizz at bay!