Grow your own// Week 8+

It almost feels bittersweet that summer is over, I feel I've learnt a lot since starting this grow your own journey.

 I've learnt that growing your own food takes time,patience and attention.

I've lost cabbages to an infestation of caterpillars, and that's my fault (mainly for going away for the weekend..)

However on the bright side I've enjoyed a nice bunch of home grown garlic, it helped make a tasty pasta sauce for the family and garlic bread, as did our several cherry tomatoes (which more are still ripening).

Our pea plants all failed but one, and we had these two pods of peas which didn't make a meal for the family, however did go into baby Z's homemade food.

On the whole this year we got a dessert bowl full of strawberries, and this one was the last of them for 2017, it tasted very nice, but in typical fashion the children enjoyed them more than us adults did.

Our corn on the cob are still growing strong and our tomatoes are ripening still, I've replanted some garlic and I still have a few spring onions growing.

I was surprised that the spring onions tasted so differently to what I've been used to, and how full of flavour the garlic and tomatoes were.

I'm now in the process of deciding on what to plant next year.

Have you grown anything this year? what did you enjoy growing?, did you enjoy the taste?.