HiPP Organic// Babys First Tastes- with Special coupon.

Z and I received a very exciting hamper through the post, and we're delighted to share our experiences with you today.

Beginning the weaning journey is a very exciting time, when your introducing a little more into their world than previously.

We were sent a selection of the new, delicious ‘Pure Vegetable’ jars to try out.

I thought giving them a try myself and sharing my thoughts alongside Z's thoughts (well not her thoughts exactly but I'm sure you know what I mean) would be even more interesting alongside the post.

This handy double sided sheet of information on the first four weeks and beyond of weaning was very informative and reassuring, even for me, who has previously weaned one child previously before.

Weaning a baby, whether it's your first baby or not can be daunting at times, but most exciting, and of course an enjoyable experience.

For us though, we began weaning when Z turned 6 months old, she showed signs of being ready (grabbing at my food was a big hint!) so we began weaning.

(**Z is recovering from Chicken pox, she was fit and well and 100% herself for this post **)

First, for lunch we tried the Pure Peas 4months+.

My thoughts= A lovely creamy, soft taste of peas, not overpowering or sharp, ideal for starting out the weaning journey.
Z's thoughts= Liked the taste straight away, leaned forward for more each time and said "nom nom".

The texture was spot on, not too thick not watery at all, ideal for first tastes as well as more established weaned babies.

An empty bowl is a great sign!.

For Dinner we chose Pure White Carrot 4 months+.

My thoughts= Subtle flavours of carrot but gentle enough to the taste with the little water added.
Z's thoughts= Complained as soon as I took the spoon away that she had just enjoyed!.

The texture is ideal for first tastes, we both enjoyed the flavour and I think Z would definitely recommend.

The next day...

Lunchtime for Z and it was time for Z (and me!) to try some of the Pure Parsnip 4 months+.

I have a small confession to make..I don't like Parsnips, and so I was worried about trying this,however I was pleasantly surprised.

My thoughts= A gentle creamy taste, the parsnip taste was there, but subtle and gentle and I actually quite liked it!.

Z's thoughts= Like with all the others Z loved it straight away and complained when the spoon was empty, cheeky baby!.

Dinnertime approaches and we move along to Mediterranean vegetables with aubergines 6 months +.

My thoughts= It had a soft vegetables flavour with the aubergine through, I liked the more texture to the food as 6 months is the time you introduce a little more variety to the foods combining flavours, these work very well.

Z's thoughts= Z couldn't get enough in all honesty, this was straight up her street and as you can see she enjoyed trying to feed herself..and wearing it too.

The next day..

We arrive at the children's grandparents house, the HiPP Organic jars were the perfect sizes to travel with and were packed easily into a bag and stored in our car.

((As Grandparents do not have a highchair we've tried to achieve continuity that we love throughout our posts, but felt it does show throughout the post and we do hope you agree too.))

Lunchtime at Nana & Granddads house and it's time for some delicious Buttered Vegetables 6month+.

Z didn't fancy a bib, and I did not fancy arguing on this occasion, especially her sitting on the lap of a grandparent.

My thoughts= Has a creamy taste, reminds me of a warm winter casserole and I thought it was delicious!.

Z's thoughts= Z immediately wanted more, Z signed "more" and wore it all over her arms, hands and face in the power struggle for the spoon!.

Dinnertime with some Vegetables with fish pie 6months +.

My thoughts= Subtle flavours of fish combined with the vegetables,creamy to the taste.

Z's thoughts= Really enjoys fish, so enjoyed this particular mealtime, an ideal dish to start introducing more than vegetables, as you can see she thoroughly enjoyed it too!

I was very impressed with the flavours and reactions of both myself and Z, Z loved the tastes, textures and kept her wanting more, they were ideal for travelling with both to grandparents and keeping in the kitchen.

The portion sizes were perfect and never left Z feeling hungry for more.


We have a special coupon for our lovely readers and we hope you enjoyed our post as we have producing it.

Zombiiemummy were sent the products contained in this post, all thoughts and photos contained are our own.