Hamerton Zoo Park // A great family day out!

Hamerton Zoo Park

We were all very excited to head to a family day out, summer holidays is sometimes a tricky time to keep A happy, so we were thrilled to be invited along!.

As individuals we all love animals, we also love the great outdoors!, so the two combined is our ultimate day out.

Straight away we were greeted with friendly, helpful staff, who made the experience for the children that bit more exciting!.

The car journey to Hamerton Zoo Park was a pleasant one, the sat nav and local signs were very helpful and took us straight there.

The Lar Gibbons were a particular favourite for the children, Z was captivated by them!

Walking around we noticed how much space there was, we felt you really could give it a full day of exploring.

A loved watching the Tree Boa from behind the glass, "it's really long!"

We all loved the Meerkats, especially the babies too!.

We were pleasantly surprised at the large spaces the animals all had, each looked a very inviting and stimulating place for the animals to live in and it made our day even more enjoyable catching a glimpse of them in each enclosure.

We also learnt of new animals, this is a Jaguarundi,its a small wild cat, we all thought it was very cute, but agreed it wasn't the type that could be kept at home. (can you tell A wants us to get a pet?)

A and Z (us adults too) loved the Prevost squirrel enclosure, the extra part allowing them to scamper about was such a lovely idea and we thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

The tortoises were surprisingly quick! 

From Birds to marsupials, Big cats to carnivores and everything in between, Hamerton Zoo Park has it all.

But whilst all these animals are great, and there's lots to see, what about other things to do?, read on and find out!.

We loved the Express Railroad train!.

We stopped for something to eat at the coffee shop, there was a nice amount of choice, A ate pizza, crisps, apple and a chocolate bar, and us adults enjoyed a delicious coffee, as well as a hotdog each-yum!.

If we were to offer a small criticism it would be the surrounding eating area needs more wasp traps, however there were bins throughout the park and not one bit of litter anywhere.

The Play area was large and was very fun!, we didn't get shots of the play areas because we felt it wasn't right to blur so many children's faces out and invade other families privacy, however pictures of the play area can be found on Hamerton Zoo Parks website.

The gift shop was great fun to visit!, we brought some animal face Eco cups, fridge magnets, and various other items, we were spoilt for choice really!, I enjoyed looking through the animal books.

The Stunning Bengal Tigers

The Lar Gibbons were very lively inside here!, Z wouldn't let us leave until they got bored of us. 

We had such a wonderful day at Hamerton Zoo Park, it really was impossible to fit every picture we took of all the animals we saw on the blog, but we hope you've enjoyed this review of Hamerton Zoo Park, a truly wonderful family day out.

Before leaving we had to get a souvenir penny!

We highly recommend Hamerton Zoo Park to all, families, couples and grandparents alike, the rounds were pushchair and wheelchair friendly (plenty of lovely smooth paths throughout).

Thank you Hamerton Zoo Park for having us, we will be back- and bringing the grandparents too!.

Zombiiemummy was offered a family ticket and voucher to use in the coffee shop, all thoughts, photographs contained and expressed in this post are an honest review of our time at Hamerton Zoo Park, for more information on tickets,location etc, please visit Hamerton's website located in the clickable title on the top of the post.