Grow your Own week 7+

Whilst summer has so far been a bit of a disappointment, at least the vegetables haven't had a shortage of water.

One thing I am happy with is my Veg Trug purchase, I purchased the Small Wall Hugger design and I'm rather impressed with the size. It's on the side of our house out of the way of the children and of daily life, in an area of the garden where I can go to, to water and tend to them knowing I don't need to bend over or worry about little animals of creatures nibbling them as much as when they were on the ground.

It's important to note that pruning your tomato bush is so important, mine all of a sudden got so out of control it was top heavy and bowing a little, so after ridding it of a lot of leaves and branches, it looks a lot more manageable, a little sparse now Id admit but the tomatoes are growing in neat clusters now and I'm really looking forward to watching them ripen, (once they start going red i'll be covering them to keep them away from the birds!) 

The corn on the cob is growing well, but I cant help but worry they wont mature until winter and that will be a problem unless I cover them.

A new addition, purely because it was nearly dead sat in a garden centre sale is Garlic, I use garlic a lot and thought why not?, I managed to get it reduced which was another triumph for me as I'm not usually the haggling type.

The Cabbage is alive and well (it was dying in the ground previously) and soon i'm expecting some, hopefully all ready for stews for the colder periods.

Something else I picked up from the garden centre (yes I know i'm terrible) is a curry plant, I've never heard of it before but you can add the little flowers to your dishes and it gives a lovely flavour apparently, its quite distinctive in its smell, so I cant imagine you'd need too much in your dishes, but I'll be trying this out in a homemade curry soon.

The spring onions were picked and enjoyed and im already growing some more, I was surprised with the taste, not like shop brought at all, these had a longer gentle flavour, instead of a quick sharp flavour you find in the shops, it's converted me to eating our own and no longer shop brought.

What have you been growing at home? are you new to growing your own?