Grow your own Week 6+

So it's been a while since the last update in our Grow your own series, this is how we're getting along..


The tomatoes are now growing like there's no tomorrow and soon they'll be tomatoes growing.

We planted some corn in late, but are growing well.

Growing these Spring onions have been by far my favourite to grow out of everything, a few more weeks will see them a little fatter and ready to pick!.

I've also planted more to replenish stock over the summer.

We've also been growing Savoy Cabbage, not sure how well they'll turn out, but I have a few books for tips.

I've been using crushed eggshells as a solution to pesky slugs and snails, I don't like the idea of slug pellets, that will eventually kill off hedgehogs as well, this way its a gentle way of keeping them away without killing anything.

Have you been enjoying any produce you've grown yourself recently?