Coding for Kids// An exciting App for kids!

Coding is now something our children will learn in mainstream schools, its something that was never touched upon when I was in school,and something I also know nothing about.

So with that said, its a perfect opportunity to learn, especially as A will be starting school this year.

Coding For Kids

As soon as you load up the app, its colourful, appealing and looks easy to use!.

You can find the App by following these links.

Google Play Store:

Amazon Appstore:

 A decided to play Monster Dentist first, its progressive in it's levels, and as you can see A and I have been playing quite a few already.

The instructions were easy to use, and what I liked about it was It spoke the words as well as having the child paced text, It took it's time explaining how to, which really helped A understand and take things at his pace!

We got to a specific part in the Monster Dentist game before we had to unlock further levels, I paid £1.99 to unlock the rest, which I was happy to pay as A was really enjoying the game and doing very well at it.

Onto the Little Firefighter game, which was by far A's favourite of the two, A felt he did better at these levels, I think because the layout of the game was a little different.

We both enjoyed this game too, especially having to think more as the levels progress.
I expected A to get a little fed up after a while, but he didn't, not once!.

Not only is this App great for children, but I found it really fun too!, and I would be lying if I said I didn't play it when A was in bed.

I highly recommend this App!