Baby food Recipe// Zombiiemummys Fish pie

Zombiiemummys Fish pie.

Cooking is a particular passion of mine, especially when it comes to cooking for my children, doing the whole weaning thing for the very last time is exciting and a little sad also.

I thought i'd share a recipe I created with a few ingredients,given this only makes a small amount for baby you can double up ingredients and even change to suit your baby.

You will need:
  • x1 Carrot
  • x3 small potatoes
  • x3 fish fillets (I used pollock)
  • x1 floret broccoli 
  • x3 leaves fresh Basil

In a a baby steamer (or an ordinary one on the stove/hob) steam the carrot,potato,broccoli and the basil then blend.

cook the fish gently, once cooked chop for a lumpier texture for baby or mash for beginning tastes.

combine the fish with the veggies.