A Mamas Identity//

I'm at a point in my life now where I'm closer to 30 than 20, with two kids, and not quite the figure I had before I can't shake the feeling there's something about myself that I'm missing.

I'm not the same person as before inside and out, and I don't think you ever can be again. (and i'm not talking about weight).

At times I find myself rejecting purchasing something for myself (even when desperately needed) in favour of items for my children, natural I hear you say, but I feel like this is destructive behaviour for your own well being, I don't pretend to know what im talking about either, but thinking about it, treating yourself is still allowed, nobody ever tells you that, so I'm telling you, yes YOU. it's totally allowed!.

For me I'm starting small, I love lush, so I brought myself some skincare, it's small but It's for me only, so it counts!.

The kids will always get everything that they need, but you know? so should Mama, even if it's something little at a time.