Marigold is 70!

It's hard to believe that Marigold is 70 years old!, I have such fond memories of being in the kitchen with my Nan back in the 90's, helping wash bowls and spatulas after a busy morning baking together, the distinctive gloves were always the first thing I'd notice, and I used to love putting them on as a child too.

Which is why I was thrilled to create this post not only recalling fond memories, but also showing off and putting to the test the Marigold products of today.

It seems Marigold has certainly got you covered now, Nowadays I feel even more on the go than I ever was before, To feel you have reliable products that help you get the job done is potentially time saving!.

Starting with what Marigold is mostly recognisable for, Kitchen gloves.

The gloves have this grip on them, so I dont drop crockery or glasses..(which I've done SO many times in the past..) and whether the crockery was soapy or not I didn't feel as if I was unable to grip each item.

This brightly coloured Cleaning me softly sponge, rather harmless looking washing sponge looks like any basic washing sponge right?


This Teflon approved sponge is tough on grease,grime and dirt, and boy does it help with those after dinner pile up of plates,pans and cutlery. 

Best of all, no scratches.

These absorbent cloths on a roll are blooming handy! and I have to admit, better than bog standard kitchen roll, best of all each can be washed and re-used too!.

Spills always happen at the dinner table, so It's great to have these Oops Away Marigold cloths handy, whilst also ensuring i'll be using them again!.

Cleaning bathrooms are the worst job ever.. especially living with two boys, its just not fun, I love that these gloves are longer, and for the bathroom.

I found they did stay put, and I got through cleaning two bathrooms in no time. 

Nobody wants their arms accidentally coming into contact with the inside of the toilet bowl either, grab yourselves these!.

It's a well known fact that nettles wont go through gloves, well if you didn't know, you do now.

Weeds in the garden for us are a constant nightmare and headache, so to whip these Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves on I found I had gone through the weeding super fast, I'm not kidding either!, I found them a lot more reliable than actual gardening gloves (I've spent loads at the garden centre too!) 

I find this squeaky clean micro fibre cloth very useful, it has some stiffness to it, so it's not all floppy and flimsy, it's ideal for getting glasses clean and shiny (I thought id demonstrate on a wine glass, i'm not much of a drinker myself,but for purposes of the post I thought it looked better with a wine glass)

With very little effort on my part it's clean,shiny and ready to use.

You can also wash this cloth too meaning you get plenty of use out of it.

Happy birthday Marigold!, 70 years is a massive achievement, creating products for the home that can be used over and over and help keep our homes inside and out clean is a testament to it's success over the past 70 years.

Marigold remains a firm favourite in my family and in my home.

What Marigold products are your go to around your home?

Zombiiemummy was sent the pictured Marigold items for the purposes of this post, all pictures and opinions remain our own.