Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo.//

I don't know any home that hasn't got floor care of some kind in the home, it's especially necessary when you have children, but how do you know if your flooring is really getting clean?, if you are just pushing more dirt around instead of cleaning, and what about the hard to reach corners and parts, is it even possible to get to those with a handheld?

I tried out the Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo mop to see if I would indeed be right or wrong, and to see just how clean and easy to use it would be, read on to find out how we did.


New Improved Design
Integrated easy-pour mouth
Horizontal handle for convenient carrying with less spillage
2in1 Microfibre Head for Improved particle pickup
55-130cm Telescopic Handle
Suitable for all hard floor surfaces including wood and laminate
Triangular mop head shape for excellent corner cleaning
Machine washable removable mop head
Horizontal handle for convenient carrying with less spillage, also with integrated handle holder

Before I even received the box, I expected it to be large, bulky and in parts flimsy.

Receiving and opening the box I definitely felt I had pre-judged way too quickly, The mop itself and the bucket is of a slimline look, without skimping on design,feature and quality.

The Easy Wring Turbo has a integrated wringing mechanism, the foot pedal is easy to use, and doesn't feel like it'll tip over or any parts will break.
The mop handle extends and I must admit I like this option a lot better than any electric mop, I can adjust it to the length I need it for ease of cleaning, as well as the mop head shape gets into corners with no difficulty and the bonus being I can pop the mop head in the wash!.

Using the mop is quick, also fun and I even had help with the mopping!, A just had to join in and help (pictured above) 

When you lift, the mop was drip free, I didn't have to worry about soaking my flooring in too much water.

It effortlessly got my floor really clean and had a lovely sheen to it afterwards.

A had good fun cleaning my flooring too. 

I'm very impressed with the Easy wring & clean turbo, it fits in my laundry cupboard with ease, the mop head is machine washable, so it'll always get my flooring clean, it got into awkward corners like my kitchen and bathrooms with little to no effort by me.

I highly recommend the Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo for it's great cleaning, easy and effective functions and how it stores away without getting in the way.

Zombiiemummy received Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo mop and bucket in exchange for a fair, honest review,all contained in this post are our honest opinions and our own photography.