Nana's Manners//Cutlery for Children

A while ago I backed an idea, a design, a product.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package in the post, and today I'll be showing you what was inside.

Lets be honest, how does your child hold his or her cutlery? A holds his very wonky, and with the challenges of learning to write too, its no wonder children haven't much time or patience to practice.

The idea is a simple one, but ergonomically designed, it is a product I believe every single parent needs to purchase, continue and I'll show you why.

Firstly the packaging is the most inviting,exciting and informative packaging I think I've ever had the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon.

Secondly I was nervous to show A how to use the cutlery at first, admittedly, new things we both don't usually get along with, but using the stickers it was and is ridiculously easy. 

The cutlery is smooth, features the ergonomically designed handles, and the Nana's Manners logo on each.

With A, he often resorts to using his hands, frustrating at the best of times, and has been very difficult to engage him in how to hold them properly, I've brought and tried many many different sets of cutlery, nothing has helped A, nothing has had the design that teaches him just how to hold cutlery. 

A's first dinner using the cutlery was to prove a challenge for him, (something I really didn't think through!) 
but he did incredibly well, so well he didn't use his hands once!, dinnertime was an absolute joy,for the first time in a long time, in fact he ate the whole plateful.

where has this cutlery been?!

Like any new item, it takes time to get used to it, and A is still practicing, old habits take time to be unlearnt after all.

I cannot stress enough how much you need this cutlery for your children, for your grandchildren,nieces,nephews.

Check out Nana's Manners website for more details (Link in the title below the first picture).

Zombiiemummy was not compensated or prompted in anyway for the production of this post, thoughts and photography are entirely our own.