Grow your own// Week 4

It's week four, and I realise that my peas,onions and carrots aren't going to grow, I've probably planted them too far down.. So I've started again..

Dug up the area, dug in some coffee grounds ( we got a free bag from a local coffee shop!) but I'm growing them in little trays first inside, to ensure they have a chance.

The lettuce is growing well, and regularly enjoy some at mealtimes, and the runner beans are well established that I've planted them outside, carefully weaving them around pea canes.

Whilst I know they're not the straightest of lines I do know they're healthy and growing.

The spring onions are sprouting all around the inside of our large container, and I'm eagerly awaiting the day we get to pick them.

The strawberries we've had since last year, surprisingly survived the winter and are doing well!, I think i'll refresh the compost though.

And finally the tomatoes, they're doing well, and the soil really does dry out,especially in the sun trap that is the side of our house, so I constantly have to soak it each day, but I'm excited to see them grow more and more and see just how many we manage to grow!.

What I've learned in the first 4 weeks: 
  1. Grow them inside in small trays first
  2. pea canes and supporting canes in general are great
  3. Water,water,water.

Are you growing any fruit or vegetables?, what's the best/biggest fruit or vegetable you've grown?