Capturing Memories

In the house I'm in full swing making little dinners for Z, this particular on (pictured) is Red lentils with sauteed onion and carrot with vegetable stock. with star shaped toast for finger food, Z doesn't like baby led weaning much, but we adapt constantly to what she wants.

Capturing memories is fun, and something I do constantly, but written memories have been harder to do, I brought this mother/baby book just like I did for A, I'm now trying to make a more conscious effort to get moments and details written down.

I find cooking relaxing, and the ability to make these meals for Z like I did and do for A is so special to me, to hear the noises of "nom nom nom" from your baby is a wonderful sound.

I find you do things a little differently the second time around, I feel a little calmer and less up tight, I guess I just know what I'm doing a little better. 

I'm so looking forward to the sunshine, and holidays.

What are you looking forward to this year?