Printing Memories//KODAK MOMENTS

There was a time of film cameras, where if you wanted to see your photos you had them developed, our family always had Kodak printed photographs and now I'm a parent I have been quite slack in the printing of photos, after all we're in the age of images at our very fingertips, whilst that's all very well and good, what happens if we were to lose them?

Kodak conducted an experiment, how would people react if their phones were wiped by mistake? Yes, you read correctly.

It makes you think doesn't it?.

Research shows that one in three people have lost photos on their phone while 1 in 10 are not taking steps to protect their photos. Every year, mobile phone users in the UK lose 11.8 billion photos.

That's a lot of lost photographs, memories from a time otherwise forgotten..

For us we backup our memories onto an external device, but what if it were to stop working?, I would never get those memories back, just like the many other people in the UK.

So I'm determined to print more memories and keep them close to our hearts, not stuck on a phone or behind an electronic device, so I'm going to use the KODAK MOMENTS App from my phone where I can easily place a print order anywhere –  from my sofa or while out and about – and have the option to have my prints delivered to my house or pick them up, the same day, from a nearby store, how fab an idea is that? no fuss, no bother, brilliant! 

You can print anything from prints, canvas, photo books to posters really simple.
You can enhance images with text, filters, red eye reduction and cropping. whilst also previewing their images and order different sizes and copies.  

You can find out more about the KODAK app via the website!