Grow your own week 3.

It's week three of the grow your own series, and boy have we had some growth!, it's actually exciting to see, new shoots growing before your eyes.

Of course some I think are weeds, inevitable, but as our seeds grow, i'll be able to get rid of the weeds and encourage further growth of our plants.

The most exciting so far is the peas!, soon i'll be re-adjusting the netting, making it higher, which we'll be doing in week 4.

We've also started growing Tomato's!, I've never grown them in Gro bags before, but i'm looking forward to watching them sprout.

Another vegetable we're growing is Spring onions, I'm growing them in this very large tub I had left over. 

Remember that growing your own doesn't have to be in a glamorous spot in your garden, and even if you only have a balcony/window boxes you can grow your own, (provided you read the seed packets beforehand).  

We are growing:
  • Japanese Onions
  • Cherry Tomato's
  • Spring Onions
  • Peas
  • Rainbow carrots. 

Stay tuned for Week 4!