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Zombiiemummy has written a lot about many startup brands, it's something we as a blog proud ourselves upon, showing off upcoming talent, amongst other things we write on our blog, which you can refresh yourselves with on our "about us" page or other pages featured at the top.

Today we're all about AAMcEvoy it's origin and it's Kickstarter too!

photo credit http://www.anniehollandphotography.com 

The AAMcEvoy collections are unisex for 0-3years, GOTS certified (pesticide/insecticide/chemical free production,or Global Organic Textile Standard. ) and Irish designed and made.

Photo credit http://www.anniehollandphotography.com

Alison is the clever Mama to gorgeous Annie who is 20 months old, and the lady behind AAMcEvoy clothing (and is the model for the photos in this post, cant say a 20 month old of mine would sit so beautifully for a photograph. haha) 

I love that as a mother the clothing has practical openings like envelope necks on the jumper/dress, for me childrens fashion is a wonderful thing, but at times practicality is overlooked, and I love how these pieces are beautiful and yet so practical.

Photo credit http://www.anniehollandphotography.com  

As I mentioned at the beginning AAMcEvoy have a kickstarter going!, I do loved Kickstarter, a way to back small startups of all shapes and sizes and for different reasons, and you get a little reward to boot!.

AAMcEvoy have a number of different pledges to suit everyone, We have pledged and are super excited to watch AAMcEvoy grow as a kidswear brand, and to continue to support them any way we can. 

Check out AAMcEvoy's Kickstarter!

Also why not follow the brand's journey below over on these links.



AAMcEvoy, will be launching later this year (2017).

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