Kidloland// Interactive App for under 5's!

Our children in 2017 have so many kid friendly app games to choose from, but nothing I have found that is purely educational whilst also being fun.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Kidloland, a popular toddler app for kids under 5, keep reading to find out what A and Z thought of of Kidloland.

Children can learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes, seasons, occupations, weather and more with the help of 1000+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

Our initial opinion of the app was good, there was great deal of choice, that little ones wont have a chance to be bored!.

The games were interactive, and Dean and I felt, tailored enough so parents can join in too, sitting beside helping A to learn more phonics, or continuing doing counting, just like at his nursery.

Each game went at a good pace for A.

We specifically liked the writing practice, as A likes writing letters himself.

We even felt it was great for Z too, sitting and watching her big brother, as well as trying to touch the screen too!.

There was also fun games too, like colouring in, games like this I especially like because they're learning colours without realising it, and numbers too, as you could add fish into a tank to also feed them too.

   More songs, stories, activities and games are added every month, which is why Kidloland have added a subscription, usually I steer away from subscriptions, but in all honesty (which is the main foundations for this blog is 100% honesty) I will be getting a subscription for A and Z, there's so much choice for them both, educational and fun, all in one place, A loves the games, Z likes watching currently and Dean and I love being about to interact also!, I can see A using this in the car, on holiday, and home learning with us too.

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Zombiiemummy was given a 6 month subscription by Kidloland in exchange for an informative, honest review, all thoughts are our own and 100% honest, all photography used is our own unless stated otherwise.