Growing your own// Week 1.

At Zombiiemummy, we decided, why not take you all on our journey of growing our own?.
whether you already grow your own, want to start or you have no idea where to start, these posts will be on a weekly basis and hopefully help breakdown the confusion that is growing your own.

Growing our own- Week 1.

Before I even went to our local garden centre, I chose where in the garden we'd grow our vegetables, 
it needs to be a sunny spot, with good soil, (if you don't have this you can buy some and mix it in with the existing soil).

Next read the back of the packaging of what you want to grow!, for us we knew what we wanted to grow, we're growing onions, rainbow carrots (did you know carrots were not originally orange?, in fact purples and yellows.) and peas. 

We're growing our Veg along the side part of our home in our back garden, it's out of the way and will enable the ongoing work to be done to the rest of our garden.

Depending on the soil, you'll need a fork, spade and rake (rake is optional though), go through your chosen patch, for us, I found a lot of stones, big, small, and even some nails and screws, get rid of these.

It's important to choose what to grow by what month you plan to plant, some require planting indoors first, growing them a little first, others you can plant straight away in the ground, ours you can grow straight away in the ground. 

When planting straight away, make a small trough in the ground, following the instructions, plant each seed a little gap between the next.

For our peas I brought some pea canes, they will eventually climb, and will need support, the others are to mark out where the rows are (you can buy seed markers though, this is just a temporary measure for us)

To keep the growing seeds, and eventually plants from being nibbled, munched or eaten by birds, I brought some netting, you can buy this in a large amount from a DIY store, fix it so it cant be disturbed, but you can easily get to it, to lift or remove if needed.

Water and check daily, in case you need to re-water.

Stay tuned for Week 2!