HEY YUM- Organic Sweets

Sweets for me are my ultimate nemesis, chemically & hard tasting not to mention florescent coloured, they make me extremely uncomfortable letting A have some.

I came across Hey Yum, by pure chance, and I was very intrigued.

So who are Hey Yum?

Hey Yum started one year ago, with an idea of creating delicious organic sweets, flavoured with fruit, sweetened with honey and mixed with love.

All Hey Yum products are certified Organic.

Magic Forest!
Meet elves,butterflies,owls and other forest folk in a spellbinding mix of soft and juicy honey-sweetened fruit gems.

Triassic Garden!
Discover a lost world filled with kind and curious dinosaurs with fruity flavours and just a hint of honey.

Sour Flower!
Explore a wonderland where feisty fruit-gum rabbits nibble on luscious flowers that have a jolt of sour to balance the sweetness.

Triassic Garden is gluten free.

Sour Flower and magic forest are lactose free.

We love the packaging, all are very inviting looking, clear to read and A recognised straight away they were treats!.

The shapes of the sweets and size are just right for a few treats for kids and big kids alike.

A 100g bag of pretty sweet looking candy!.

Each tasted wonderfully fruity,not overpowering and perfectly squidgy.

The sour sweets were perfectly sweet with a quick zing of sour, making them taste like the sour sweets we all love.

A said his favourite sweets were the Magic Forest fruit gums, Dean said his favourite was the Sour Flower & for me?, I honestly couldn't decide, but all three of us agreed all were "licious" (that's A's word for delicious), and I now have to keep them up high because A loves them so much!

All Hey Yum Sweets are free from artificial flavours,colours,sweeteners and preservatives. 

Definitely a candy with conscience, and sweets that I'm very happy for A to have as a treat!

You can find Hey Yum sweets below!


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