CleverstiX// Child Development Cutlery

Now that A can hold cutlery & feed himself independently, he's still learning how to hold cutlery and use them effectively.

Child Development Cutlery.

Improve concentration, Develop handwriting grip, Enjoy meal times, Advance fine motor skill & Learn chopstick control.

We put the chopsticks and the new clever fork and spoon set to the test.

The Chopsticks 

First impressions were very good, they feel and handle of very good quality, they are comfortable looking, and the handy quick instructions on the back of the packet means they are easy to use, and in turn teach your children.

A chose the Kung Fu Panda design, coming in five other designs to suit every childs taste.

Cleverstix comes in right handed or left, ideal for both left or right handed children.

It took just two demonstrations to show A how to use them, and he did very well, picking up not only his vegetables, meat, but rice too, all with ease.

What did A think?

"They are lovely, I liked them and I want to use them lots!" 

A, are they easy to hold?

"Yes, they are easy".

Simply put your thumb in the loop and your index finger and middle finger in the other loops and away you go.

We've used our Cleverstix for all sorts, fruit, pasta, even chips!.

A & I have also used them for a fine motor skills home activity!

Clever Fork and Spoon Set.

Stainless steel with red silicone grips, this Fork and spoon set features rounded tips, and is a little bigger than other fork and spoon sets A has used in the past.

First impressions were good and my expectations of them were that A would get a better grip and all round more comfortable experience using them at mealtimes, as often he gives up and resorts to using his fingers.

A seemed to take to the fork and spoon very well, his hands didn't seem to shift around and he had a firm grip and used it well when feeding himself.

A said he found it easier than before (with other sets) to feed himself and he wanted to use them again, which is great!

The Fork and spoon set felt of great quality, and I was very confident A would get on well with them, and he did!

I wish I'd known about Cleverstix sooner, when introduced into normal mealtime routines there's no reason why children wont find both very effective and for parents making mealtimes so much more enjoyable.

Cleverstix was shortlisted for a Loved By Parents award in 2015, is a corporate member of the National Handwriting Association and Winner of Mums Love award.

Cleverstix £8.99
Clever Fork and Spoon set £12.49

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Zombiiemummy was sent Cleverstix and Clever fork and spoon set in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own unless stated otherwise.