Teaching Feminism

Whilst Feminism isn't really a subject I cover on the blog it's certainly important, and even more so since a certain human being is now the president.

I believe you can be a feminist no matter your gender, and whilst I don't discuss my parenting methods as such on the blog, I feel this post covers a wide range so I thought why not write about it.

The Paper Bag Princess is a story about a princess named Elizabeth.

I discovered this book whilst on the topic of Feminism, and wanting to teach A further about why we should ignore Gender roles, and teaching him how damaging they are, in the most gentle way possible.

The book has this charm about it, a classic story, but with a middle finger up to the typical fairy tales.

I purchased a few more on the topic of gently encouraging A to ignore the pushed agenda that is Gender roles. 

A likes this book and it's a topic for great continued conversation afterwards.