Next Baby clothes Haul

January is about one thing..well perhaps two, the intention of new years resolutions...and sales, lots and lots of sales, as if you didn't buy enough crap or inherit enough for Christmas, they try to sell you a ton of stuff you don't need.. 

Children's clothing is forever sought after, A is growing taller by the minute and things have started to look a little short or small, and Z is growing more and more by the day and is now in 3-6month clothing.

This haul is clothing for Z.

First up is a new pram suit, I like this one because it has poppers on it, the poppers could have been slightly bigger but it's snug, warm and fits her well, with enough room to grow.

Next is this dress, I love the embroidery on it and how it looks like it'll suit both cold and warmer weathers.


Cardigans Z seems to have grown out of in the 0-3month sizing, so these two are a great start to 3- 6 month clothing.

Lastly is this 2 pack of leggings, one silvery with a slight glittery finish and the other beautifully embroidered on the leg.

A few I brought in the sale, the rest are full price.

Zombiiemummy was not paid or compensated in anyway for this post.