A year to reflect.

We're right on the doorstep of Christmas day, so what better what to reflect than now.

2016 has seen lots of exciting moments for us as a blog, and as a family, but has also brought some harsh realities, I feel as a mother, and as a human being my backbone is stronger, but I also feel a little more cynical too.

I feel so fortunate and lucky to have two healthy beautiful children, Z's arrival into our family, we thought may never happen, and this our first christmas as a family of four, and for Z her first Christmas earth side with us.

I'm learning to take it easy on myself and to spend the moments in the here & now, especially regarding A & Z.

We built our first ever Gingerbread house this year & it was the most fun I had in a while, because we were all sat together focused on the same thing, that thing has almost disappeared now, we've munched our way through all of it nearly, and even though im not keen on the stuff, I sit & eat pieces with A's smiling face, telling me I'm his best friend.

I'm going into 2017 determined to accomplish some personal goals, to forget those who do not matter & to carry on being the kick ass Mama I am.

Life has it's peaks and troughs but this Christmas time I want to remember it with smiles, laughter & noise of paper ripping as we open gifts.  

Whatever you do at Christmas time, make sure it's a great one.