A Very Merry Personal Christmas//

Christmas Is a time when you're looking for those gifts that come from the heart.

Every year we usually do a big post all about gift ideas for Christmas, this year we've selected only a few, to keep it short, sweet & helpful & also because this year I have my hands full even more than usual.

Please enjoy this post of our favourite personalised Christmas gifts, that are definitely going to knock the socks off of those store brought gifts.

Christmas 2016.

Personalised Christmas Cards.

A great way to add a personal touch to a card, and often a way to fill in those you don't often see throughout the year, for us 2016 is going to be a special christmas as it's our first Christmas as a family of four, and Z's first christmas also, so we want so spread the joy to all those we care for.

You can set up your own DIY photo shoot right at home by just remembering some easy tips:
  • Two pairs (or more!) hands is better than one!- Grab a friend or neighbour to help snap those photos instead of missing those quick camera self timers!.
  • Lighting!- Natural Lighting is the best.
  • Look the part!- It's for a Christmas card after all, matching hats, festive tacky jumpers, or even Christmas mugs & don't forget to smile!
  • Props- Like in our cards, we had some props!, Acrylic hanging photo ornaments, Mistletoe, photo cushions, even some christmassy themed drawings by your little ones!.
  • Pets!- If you have pets, get them involved too! 
  • Bribery!- If you have children, and pets too this is vital!.

I chose a design from Snap-fish's range of 7x5" range cards I decided to choose two different designs with two different photographs, to find out for myself the quality difference, if any.

I love that you can add your own message & an inside photo also, we opted for a message only.

The group photo is from a professional camera, whilst the photo of A & Z together are from my own digital camera, I'm so pleased with the high quality of them, they're well constructed and the finish on the cards is lovely, we'll be doing our own cards like this from now on for sure.

Personal Tree decorations.

Lovely Ink creates beautiful Personalised tree decorations & prints.

I have something similar for A's first christmas tree decoration, and I felt It was fair to find something special also.

A perfect size for any type or size of tree there's little excuse not to get one!.

It hangs wonderfully from our tree and looks so sweet nearby A's one.

Christmas Round Acrylic Ornament
by Snapfish.

I couldn't resist getting such a momentous year created into such a thoughtful tree ornament, I think they both look super festive in this picture & the quality of it too is superb!.

Quick & easy to create, this tree ornament looks right at home hanging on our tree, & A loves the ornament too, "look!, that's me and my sister!" you'll often hear A shout & taking it off & carefully placing back on again, but best thing is you don't need to worry about it falling because it'll not smash like a glass one would.

Table-top Acrylic Photo Print (6x4") 
By Snapfish

I have a few of the Table-top Acrylic photo prints, and they're fast becoming my go to gift ideas for family, perfect for little gifts alongside other personal gifts

I chose this photo for it because of it's importance, it's the newest photo I have of A & Z together and It's a beautiful shot.

If your thinking that it only looks good because of it being obviously a professional shot, you'll be pleased to know your wrong, I have a few of our own that have been taken on a camera phone and look exactly as fabulous.

The stand makes it so easy to stand up anywhere, a coffee table, a shelf, windowsill etc, it's easy to keep dust free and no glass means if you have children it's worry free too. 

So there you have it, our favourite personal Christmas gift ideas, we hope you've enjoyed this post, & hope it's given you some fantastic ideas of your own!.

Zombiiemummy was not compensated by Lovely Ink.
 Zombiiemummy & Snapfish Collaborated on this post