Ramblings of a new mama to two

It's pretty much been go go go since I got home with Z, I don't remember a day just resting or sat in bed, which is what I should have been doing if i'm honest.

Getting to grips with the new routine, especially for taking A to nursery has been a little tricky, luckily Dean has been around, but soon i'll be doing the nursery run lone, and I wont have the car either.

It's all been A's birthday celebration prep the past few weeks, and we all celebrated it together at the weekend.

A is now four!, I cant quite get my head around it if i'm honest, I have a four year old!.
We all had a wonderful weekend, and looking back on it I was very silly to organise TWO parties.. I wont make that mistake again that's for sure.

Things have now settled a little again, as I begin to complete Christmas present finding and we settle into the cold dark days that November brings.

November brought my birthday,A's birthday, but I'm so excited for Z's first Christmas, and ours as a complete family or four.

A & Z are inseparable, Z clearly loves A very much & A loves her very much also, he's gentle, kind & takes his role as "big,little brother A" seriously, much to Dean & I's surprise.

2016 has been good to us, and I'm excited to end 2016 on such a great note, Christmas will feel even more jolly now Z is with us.

Although blogging has taken a little backseat recently, I do plan to write more when I can, lately I've felt I need to concentrate my time on those who truly matter, not to mention being tired & super busy.

I feel less tired second time around than with A, perhaps i'm permanently tired for so long it no longer registers, or that I'm confident in my parenting ability, I have experience now & I'm not on edge like the first time around, whatever it is, the main challenge I face Is splitting my time between them both, ensuring both get Muma, without either being left out, my only worry is I fail at this, but I suppose all new mums of two feel this way.

At the moment our house is full of colds, a typical time of year, not helpful at all, but with weeks to go until the end of the school term, it truly is a countdown until Christmas.

We have a family photo shoot to look forward to, Christmas fairs to visit, a birthday surprise (or 3) for Dean & family to visit before the big day.

I've never been more excited for Christmas!