Our Ideal Home

When Dean & I brought our house, it was clear to us it needed love, from the massive tree blocking light into our living room (and our neighbours one too!) to the badly painted bedrooms, we knew we had a task on our hands, and knew we'd simply just have to get it done as and when we could.
Especially at that time I was pregnant with A.

In the 4 years we've owned our house, we've done well to get it to the standard it is now, in between being first time parents & paying endless bills.

So I wrote two lists- one for the outside of our house, the other for the inside, I thought it would help us breakdown & decide which things are a priority at that time for us.. what's that saying? Rome wasn't built in a day?, well the path to our perfect home isn't quite over yet.

Something A said to me made me realise that something simply has to be done about our garden. it's 70ft in total, our house is a semi detached so it has side access also, but the trouble is we're on an incline, meaning our garden goes up, not flat like most.

Dean & I have made plans in the new year to get started on it properly, but it will be done in a few stages, and we'll need a little help too, a rotivator- which will help churn up the earth, some way of shifting the extra earth & support for the exposed earth wall it'll create, I'm expecting to pay for a professional for that part, but I think the first part should be ok for Dean & I to do.

As for the inside, is mostly decorating, with a few new flooring's needed, but on the whole shouldn't be too difficult to achieve fairly quickly.

We fell in love with our home, I fell in love with it, as soon as I walked inside I knew we would be happy here, and once our garden is properly started they'll be no stopping the progress we'll be making in our journey to our ideal home.