My Little Sous-Chef// The Cookbook for kids & adults!

Cooking & baking is so important to me especially so becoming a parent, a mother.

I really enjoy cooking with A, we have so much fun & A loves the 1:1 time together.

We heard about My Little Sous-Chef via instagram & were very impressed with the concept,the layout & design, & are really excited to show you a taster (pun intended!) of what the first tandem cookbook for kids & adults is like.

​My Little Sous-Chef consists of two cookbooks, one for parents and one for children, and aims to encourage parents to cook with their kids.

Please excuse the colour difference, our printer needs fixing, this is not what the original colour scheme looks like.

I love the layout,  for the adults, a written list of ingredients needed, and cooking times etc, and a part for the children, excellently illustrated to guide the child(ren) on what to do each step.

A helped me find all the ingredients, whilst I chopped, sliced and placed them onto there respective places.

We went through his recipe page, saying "check!" when we'd done it, A was raring to go.

A & I started to follow the recipe, it was very easy for A to follow & for me to keep up with him too.

"Muma I like cheese..I like ham..I like Aubergine"

One after the other A took a piece and munched away, this absolutely shocked me, because he wont eat ham, or cheese, and I never entertained the idea of giving him aubergine at all, but he munched away on all three pieces and said he liked them all very confidently.

Proof, look at those teeth marks!, this was the only snap I could get of the aubergine before more was devoured!

What I think encouraged him to try these foods was the lack of pressure to in the first place, It wasn't on his dinner plate, it wasn't made to be a big deal, in fact I didn't even ask him if he wanted any (mainly because I thought I knew the answer) In those moments, we were simply spending time together, doing an activity together, for fun.

So with them prepared, it was time to sprinkle some oil onto them and bake in the oven!


We all loved eating them, they tasted delicious, was something we never would have thought to do ourselves & best of all A tried new foods & had a great time doing so!.

you can find My Little Sous-chef below!.

Twitter: Little_SousChef

My Little Sous-chef has definitely left us wanting more!