Lunchbox ideas with Flora

  In London on the 6th September 2016 a Flora commissioned survey report reveals today that only 1.6% of primary school children's packed lunches in England are meeting nutritional standards for school food, despite numerous awareness campaigns on childhood obesity and lunchbox guidance for parents from consumer organisations in recent years Flora commissioned the research conducted by The University of Leeds, as a follow up to their 2006 study, which showed that only 1.1% of children's packed lunches met national standards for school food in England. Today's report illustrates that although some progress has been made with the majority of packed lunches now meeting standards for protein (93%) and vitamin c (75%), there is still a long way to go in improving their overall nutritional value. 

The new study reveals that children's lunch boxes continue to be filled with high levels of saturated fats, sugars and salts and too few fruits and vegetables. In A's school they have a policy of no chocolate in packed lunch boxes, something Dean & I agree with, we can see why the convinced doc a packed lunch can often lead to poor sources of vitamins and proteins. In a bid to boost healthy eating in schools, Flora is launching its latest initiative to help improve school lunchboxes across the nation. Flora understands that parents don't need lectures; they need help and as such are looking to raise awareness and offer solutions to aid busy parents in creating simple and healthy lunchboxes for their children. To set this in motion, Flora has distributed 631,000 lunchboxes to retailers throughout the UK containing easy to make plant based recipes alongside Flora spread. 

We're eager to find out how the recipes look and to be given some extra ideas too!. 

This latest initiative marks a continuation of Floras £12.5 million investment made earlier in the year to educate children and families on the power of plants, reinforcing their nutritional benefits and the lower impacts plant based diets have on the environment. Flora spreads are a lower saturated fat alternative to butter, which provide a source of the essential Omega 3 and 6 fats that are needed to support the normal growth and development of children. Flora has also compiled a healthy kids section on their website offering tips to parents to help even the fussiest eaters get the nutrition they need. The tips, lunchbox guide and recipes can be viewed here  

So we decided to put Floras lunchbox and delicious Flora to good use to show how we keep A's lunchbox lunches delicious, easy and more importantly healthy.     


 As is primarily vegetarian (his choice), we decided to use the lunchbox builder.

 Simply choose a main, snack & some fruit and veg. (Not forgetting a drink, we pack water), and that's it. 

We let A choose from each category, and then it was time to create the yummy healthy lunch!.  

 This is what A's lunch looks like, we used a bagel, apple,raisins & grapes, despite having a baby a few days ago i'd say in honesty it isn't the exciting lunch of the century, whether like me you've just had a baby or perhaps a full time job, I love the way Flora has made it easy to help make our children's lunchbox lunches the best they can be!.

Sometimes to mix it up i'll toast the bagel instead, letting the delicious flora melt into the bagel.

Creating healthy lunches for A can be a challenge, but very rewarding, myself and Deans lunches weren't always that healthy at school, so learning as adults the importance of well balanced mealtimes ensures we both are giving A the nutrition he needs, whilst also making it taste great too!.   

Every tub contains plant oils, such as sunflower, rapeseed & linseed oils.

Flora also recently launched Flora Freedom, this is a 100% dairy free product! free of preservatives, artificial colours & flavours & like the rest of the Fora range is approved the The Vegetarian Society.

This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora.