HiPP Organic// Baby's first bath

A baby's first bath is always a special time, I still remember everything about A's first bath.

We were very lucky to receive a package of HiPP Organics Free from baby care range, read on to find out all about the range & how we got on!.

Baby foaming hand wash 250ml, Baby foaming hand wash refill 250ml, Head to toe baby wash 400ml, Baby shampoo 200ml, Good night baby bath 350ml.

HiPP's new range of baby care products have been specially developed to be free from anything sensitive skin doesn't like and to minimise the risk of allergies.

The products are free from ingredients like PEG, parabens and micro beads, and are specially suited to your baby's ultra sensitive skin.

We tried each out over the course of a week and a half

We decided to first try out HiPP Head to Toe Baby Wash (400ml).

It features a handy pump, for ease of use.

HiPP head to toe baby wash gently cleans your baby’s delicate skin and hair, and can also be used in the bath water from the first bath. It leaves skin feeling soft, and has been dermatologically tested.

I pumped a small blob into the running water, or alternatively you can gently massage a small amount into your baby’s skin.

The very gentle, soft scent coupled with the action of gently bathing your newborn is such a special experience.

Time for snuggles!.

Good Night Baby Bath (350ml)

 HiPP good night baby bath gently cleanses your baby’s skin. The sandalwood fragrance can, with the calming effects of a warm bath, help them settle.

Z was very calm during her bath, it was lovely, her little face staring up at me, and knowing her bath products are as gentle as she is, is reassuring to know there are no nasties inside each bottle.

HiPP Baby Shampoo (200ml)

HiPP baby shampoo gently washes your baby’s delicate hair and is mild enough to be used from the first bath, as it protects your baby's sensitive scalp.

I poured a little amount onto my hands and massaged it into her hair, then gently rinsed using my hand. 

And the results? one happy, clean baby!.

Each bottle was very easy to open & use (some can be so fiddly!) none had an overpowering scent, and was really kind to Z's skin, her hair was left lovely and fluffy and didn't dry out her skin.

I'm impressed with the bottle sizes & shapes, easy to fit into a bag for trips or in your bathroom cabinet.

HiPP Baby foaming hand wash (250ml)

HiPP foaming hand wash gently cleanses faces and hands no matter how dirty they are it protects skin from drying out, and is gentle on the eyes.

A loves using this hand wash, especially as before getting him to wash his hands by himself was sometimes a little tricky, I now have to show him to only pump the ducks head once instead of several haha!

Even Dean & I prefer this hand wash, due to its gentle nature, and coupled with the Baby foaming hand wash refill, we'll not run out in a hurry!- a great idea for re-using the Duck dispenser.

HiPP's new Free From range is a permanent addition to Z's bathtime & A loves them all too! 

You can find out more and purchase the Free From range at http://www.hipp.co.uk/babycare

Zombiiemummy was sent these products for an honest account of what we thought of them, all opinions contained are our own.