The last vist

We've come back from a lovely visit to my parents, it dawned on me that it'll be our last visit as a family of three.. if visiting and changing one little persons routine isn't stressful enough we'll be tackling two!.

The summer holidays were busy.. that's for sure, one thing Dean & I tried to do as much as we dared was educational things, even down to the above picture- learning to use scissors, which I have to say he did SO WELL at.

Another thing I sometimes find therapeutic (I say sometimes!) is walking around a shop, this boots is near my parents and is new, and HUGE, what I loved most is the mini trolleys they had for the children, of course we had to borrow one for A, he loved it too, although it took some getting used to, he loved pushing around items inside & especially loved the responsibility of putting all the items on the counter ready to pay.

I've also started the first wash of Sprouts clothes, It's been so long since I washed baby clothes, and something I thought I wouldn't experience again, so to some of you that may sound strange but I'm treasuring this unknown part very much.