The Birth Plan

So Apart from realising a lot of my posts lately have been baby related (sorry if your sick of the sight of them!), I thought i'd do a little catch up post but based on my birth plan, could make a great post?, could be utterly boring for you..

Apart from being worried to near anxiety inducing panic/rage (as confirmed by my midwife that we were worried unnecessarily)

Today we were able to re-think about our own original birth plan, so Dean printed this off for me & I'll be sitting with him tonight writing it out.

What I want to put in my birth plan:

  • Water birth- I have Group B Strep so as long as I keep my canula dry I can have one.
  • Delayed Cord Clamping- something that Dean & I have looked into & feel it's the right decision for baby.
  •  My husband (Dean) to be present throughout- He's the one person I trust more than anyone in the universe, & he knows my wishes inside & out.
  • Birthing equipment- I want to avoid laying down on the bed like the plague!
  • Moving around- Like before I don't want to be kept strapped down, like a confined animal.. I want to feel like I can move around during labour if I wish to.
  • Skin to Skin- For as long as possible.
  • NO epidural!- I do not want an epidural, unless I need a c-section or an emergency of that nature.

(the comments/opinions made in this post are entirely my own, are not meant to cause offence,hurt or upset in any way, I'm simply a second time Mama, knowing exactly what she wants for her last ever pregnancy.)

Coming up on the blog really soon!:

  • Whats in my hospital bag!
  • Sprouts Baby room tour!