Sprouts Room Tour (Baby 2's room tour!)

This post and one other is probably very overdue, seems as I'm now 37 weeks, Sprouts room is now finished, minus a cot bed (she has a crib in our bedroom) So I thought I'd show you all her bedroom.

Sprouts room is diagonal to A's room and opposite our room, her room is the front bedroom of the house, and we are lucky enough for the kids bedrooms to be very very similar in sizes, except one difference is Sprout has a walk in wardrobe.

As you walk in this is what you see.

I found this gem of a piece on Ebay, It's the perfect size for clothes & the top lifts up revealing a little vanity space, which for now holds nappies etc..

I painted it myself (with a little help from Dean) in a Toy safe paint from B&Q, and replaced the knobs with new ones in a rose shape.

I'm very pleased with how they turned out & I'm really proud of myself too!.

These shelves are from IKEA, they're actually spice racks, but I thought they'd look great as her bedroom shelves, I painted the part in the front with the same paint as the drawers paint, and I really like how they look on her Dulux paint walls (we used an off white/cream type colour).

A close up of the shelves.

Dean hung the shelves, and I chose the positioning of them.

I've added a few bits and pieces with some frames (ready for photos) to keep the room looking clutter free, but still full of character.

(awkward lighting) 

We have yet to buy and hang her blinds, but this is the view when you turn to the right a little.

Through that door in the picture is her wardrobe.

We've had brand new carpet fitted too, (just like we did with A's room).

Above her window on the wall I have a simple, gorgeous wall hanging by the talented Sausage and Missus.

Dean, A & I simply adore it and I have to say it looks fab in Sprouts room.

Turning around again is the last part of her bedroom, in this corner will be her cot bed & also I have plans for a chair, both I've yet to buy.

I found these 70's spelling/writing cards on Depop, I've never seen anything like them before & I had to buy them, I've had them a while & they didn't fit in with the plans I have for A's room, so they've sat around until now!.

 I hung it myself, & whilst it looks wonky in the photo, the window was shining directly onto it, so to get a decent shot I took it from this angle instead. 

Floor shot.

That's it, that's Sprout's room, I'm very happy with it & everything Dean & I have achieved in such a short time, her room was entirely blue when we started out, it was the most neglected room in our home, a junk room & now it's complete & perfect.