Sprouts carpet

Today we had Sprouts bedroom carpet fitted, Sprouts room history is rather simple, it was our junk room, a room we filled with A's old clothes,christmas decorations etc.. so the journey to having her room like it is currently has been a long one.

This is the room before, this isn't how it looked when we started, but the walls are completed in this picture.

We have no idea how long this carpet has been down, only that the entire upstairs, was covered in this blue carpet, and the downstairs in a sage green, it's the last remaining carpet from when we brought the house.

Dean being ever the gentleman did the whole, ripping up and disposing of the old carpet (at our local recycling place) 
It was oddly exciting seeing the old carpet gone for good, and knowing the "spare room" now has a brand new name & function. 

The carpet now!

The feeling of fresh brand new carpet under your feet is so nice! 

Her door & walk in wardrobe door (yes I'm so jealous she gets one and I dont..) needs a little sanding down but apart from that it's just the decor (which Is my department!)

Tomorrow I'll be doing her Bedroom tour! 

Stay tuned for that.