With A going back to nursery school, I know he's really excited about it, and I've come to the realisation it's ok to now not be everything A needs, he needs his little friends & his routine back.

This is me & bump in Triage one evening, I'd not felt her move all day, apart from two tiny movements, being busy as we were I decided to leave it until dinner (that's her peak time!) but still nothing..

I rang my answer...I rang the community answer, so I rang Triage, they were very helpful and kind, although busy, we put A to bed and were so so fortunate to a dear friend of ours, who came over and looked after A (although asleep in his bed none the wiser!) 

I'm happy to say she's fine & very wriggly now, but at the time I was very upset & worried.

We've all been at my parents house, and it's been a welcome break away, A has got some time with his grandparents & Dean and I get to run out to the shops once or twice just us, and A always wants to stay with his grandparents which is lovely.

One morning we went out, my mum, A & myself and picked blackberries near their house.

I'm now 34 weeks pregnant & getting prepared even more, how i'll deliver Sprout has now been put up in the air so the next 2 weeks will determine what will happen.

Coming soon to the blog...

What's in my hospital bag post.